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How to Repost Images and Videos The Right Way†

Reposting images and videos on to your social accounts is a great way to expose your audience to new and different content and promote customers, partners and more. But what’s the best way to do it?

This blog will go through how and when to repost and what’s the right way to reuse or repurpose and image you did not create.

Reposting Clients or Customers

Reposting content from your clients and/or customers is a great way to give them a shout out and get some different content on your feed. It’s a good practice to regularly check your tagged posts and search any company or industry specific hashtags.

If you find an image that you want to repost, it’s good practice to get permission from the customer or client. Sometimes people don’t want their pictures promoted on a more public-facing account or they don’t feel comfortable having their likeness used in marketing material.

That being said. More often then not you will get an enthusiastic “Yes!” when you ask because people generally like seeing the brands they love showcase them. The best type of message is a simple “Hey! We noticed your picture and would love to repost it to our page? Is that okay?” Using Instagram and Facebook DMs to do this will ensure that all your content is being used with permission and that you aren’t making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to credit and thank your customer by tagging them in the post and caption!

Reposting Partner or Business Peers

This is where it is vitally important to ask for permission. If you see an image from another business or company inside or outside of your industry, you must ask permission to use the image.

Not asking for permission can lead to lawsuits around stealing intellectual property or impersonating a brand. As a growing business, this is the last thing you want. If you see an image or a video from a partner or other business owner in your industry that you like, message them and ask for permission to repost the image.

In these cases, it is helpful to actually include a screenshot of the image in question so there is no confusion about what you are asking to use. This will protect you from any legal trouble and ensure that you are maintaining strong and healthy business relationships.

Reposting partner and/or other business owners’ images or videos can help you foster relationships within the industry. It can quickly morph into a mutually beneficial relationship where you can share ideas, insights, and grow together!

As with the customer and client images, make sure to credit the account that created the image to make sure that you are covering all your bases.

Reposting Industry Images

Industry specific images are similar to customer and client images. If they include general facts and insights about your industry, there is a good chance that it’s okay to repost them without having to worry about legal trouble.

Industry images are good to repost because they break up your normal content and give your followers a behind the scenes look at your business. This is especially helpful for businesses that might not have their own data team or want to help promote some ideas and concepts from the industry that can help grow their business.

You should still ask for permission just in case and make sure to tag the original account.

Main Takeaways

In general, there are three things to remember when reposting content.

· Reposting is a great way to vary your feed content and make it more interesting.

· Reposting can help build business relationships and make customers and clients feel special and part of the brand.

· Always, always, ask and get explicit permission to repost content before using to protect yourself from legal repercussions.

Want to supercharge your business’ social media and successfully leverage reposted content? Contact Promote Creatively today for a consultation about how we can help grow your business today!

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