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Innovative Marketing Design
and Brand Creative

A passion for fashion and working with small businesses.


Promote Creatively LLC was established Feb. 2019 with small businesses in mind.

We offer services to help to educate and train small businesses on how to best manage their social media. Or we manage it for you; providing you with the best visibility on social media, and leaving you with more time to focus on your service.


It is our goal to help small businesses be visible.



Hi, I'm Mattie! (Yes with T's and not D's and yes, this is my full name). I am a Graphic Designerd, Marketing Enthusiast and a southern belle from Atlanta! I was a former Marketing Manager for a cosmetic company before I branched out into owning my own LLC. I currently work with a variety of clients, mostly in Fashion (Cabi Stylists), as well as Commercial Building Architecture,  and local small businesses.


My Cabi Stylist mother, Rhonda King Sprague (in her 18th season now with cabi) never consistently kept up with her business social media accounts. In fact, she never even had a Facebook business page. Once I got her started, it accelerated into helping other stylists gain traction and understanding with their social media. I now have exclusive social media rates for stylists; One-on-one training and Set-up and Monthly Social Media Management with postings to your Facebook page, Facebook group, and Instagram. It has been a joy to help numerous stylists feel good about their social media‼️—It can be simple I promise!! (Take advantage of my free 30-minute consult).


On a personal note, I currently reside in Cleveland, OH with my husband (Yes, my southern toes are cold). When I am not shopping font sites for the best-looking ampersand in the typography world, I enjoy listening to classical music with my Instagram famous cat. (Famous as in she has more followers than my personal accounts @tahiti_the_kitty) 


Looking forward to connecting with you!

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