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Scheduling Content out
in Creator Studio

JOIN US! Creator Studio is a FREE tool by Facebook to schedule out content to Instagram and Facebook! This is a highly sought after training that I do regularly one-on-one. This is your chance to join us in a group setting for only $40!

Tips and Preparation to Have a Successful Workshop


  1. Turn your camera off and mute your microphone. This is meant to be a zero-stress learning opportunity so come in your comfy clothes, no one will see you. Also, be sure to select “speaker view” so that Zoom will stay locked on the presenter and you won’t miss any of the presentation. 

  2. Please DO NOT share the zoom link for the workshop! Workshops are for registered participants only and will be monitored.

  3. Presentation slides are copyrighted. So, please do not share screenshots or PDF files from the workshop.

For this workshop specifically:


  1. Come with 2-5 images that you would like to schedule out. 

  2. Have 2 windows open. One with Zoom and one with Facebook.


No upcoming events at the moment


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