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How To Grow Your Group on Facebook

Many of you have Facebook Groups to further interact with your cabi clients or other business clients. Groups are a fantastic place to chat with people in your community about fashion in a private setting. They provide a great opportunity to connect with your clients and give them specifics on your sample sales and events happening. That being said, many of you will want to grow your group size to keep all of your clients in the know and increase your sales. This blog will tell you how.

Email about your group:

When you’re emailing your clients about cabi news or order updates, why not invite them to your group? Include your specific group name and tell them how to navigate to it from your business page or give them the direct URL. The more times they hear about it, the more likely they are to check it out. You can copy the URL to the group and ask them to request to join.

Tell them why:

“Why do I need to be part of a group when I can order clothes directly from you?”

Well, because your group contains new posts on sample sales and events happening near them that they would otherwise miss out on! Make it VIP or like a club that they want to be a part of. Like book-club only FASHION!

Encourage your clients to interact in the group:

Post-open-ended questions about your favorite outfits, nail polish, shoes, etc. Conversation encourages friendships and trust. Make it fun! Have some laughs and offer advice. Share your true self and let others do the same. Get involved! That’s what community is all about. Groups should never be one-sided with just you posting in it.

Some example ways to get your group engaged:

  1. Post your favorite shoes (or another accessory) and where you got them...even if it's not cabi.

  2. Invite everyone to a virtual fashion show.

  3. Post a picture of one of your clients in their new cabi outfit (with their permission of course). Or better yet, get the client to post their own photo in the group.

  4. Give a shout out to a local company you love. It doesn't have to be all cabi all the time. Your group page is about building relationships with these women. So start a discussion about your favorite coffee shop and see who else likes it too.

  5. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. For example, what is everyone's favorite hair accessory? Or anyone try a new nail polish lately? Or I want to put these ATC leggings to good use and go hiking, any recommendations?

  6. Do a challenge for a prize. Give away a cabi mug or eyemask. Challenge them to post their most vintage cabi item in their closet.....or their work from home outfit.... or furry coworker.

Write down your group name and give it to clients after shows:

We are all busy and it can be hard to remember to go back and look for that group someone told us about in passing. “What was that name again?” If your group name is written down it will be easier. Better yet, show clients how to get to it before the show is over. That way they can join right away.

A group page may just seem like another thing to have to deal with. Don’t let it be a daunting task. Now sure how to start one? Promote Creatively can help with that too. Book a free 30-minute consultation HERE and we can go over how to create one and more tips on what to post.

Let the fun begin!

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