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August 2023 Group Prompts

Asking your Facebook Group members questions is a great way to increase engagement! Groups are very people-oriented pages, and you want your members to get the most out of their experience.

While the following prompts will give you some ideas, remember - your page needs to be authentic to you and your personal brand! Before you choose a prompt, ask yourself a few questions:

● How is this relevant to me?

● Would I respond to this prompt myself?

● Will this bring value and spark conversation on my page?

At the end of the day, group prompts should do two things: help your followers get to know you better, and help you get to know your clients more personally! Adding pictures from your personal life that relate to the story you’re telling is always a great idea.

**Keep in mind that the anecdotal information in each prompt paragraph should be edited to apply to you and your interests.**

Prompt Ideas for August

1. (National Sisters Day, August 6th) Growing up, my sister was always my best friend. Even though things got a little rocky during those teenage years, we’ve always been there for each other!

In honor of National Sisters Day, I’d like to share my two favorite photos of me and my sister — one of us then, and one of us now!

Do you have before and after photos with your sister? If so, share it below!

2. When I was younger, I’d spend all my free time during the summer at the library. I’d go in the morning, spend a few hours reading on the couch, then leave with a big stack of books to finish at home and complete my summer reading assignments!

While I still love checking out books at my local library when I can, reading has evolved quite a bit since then! Now you’ll catch me by the pool with my e-reader, reading new books and rereading the classics.

Are you a big reader like me? If so, tell me what you’re reading right now! Would you recommend it?

3. There’s no doubt that picking out some new clothes online, placing an order, and waiting for them to arrive is an exhilarating experience. But, there’s one other type of shopping I’ve been loving lately — thrift shopping!

Thrift shopping has become huge over the past few years. It can get tedious to sift through everything, but if you’re patient enough, it’s amazing what you can find at a big discount!

Do you thrift? If so, show me your #1 thrift shopping find!

4. Cabi just released the Fall ‘23 Collection a couple of weeks ago, and I can already tell what I’ll be wearing again and again!

I’m loving the multi-colored leopard print on the Josie Top, and I can’t wait to wear the Lineup Pullover all winter long!

Based on what you’ve seen (or tried!) so far, what would you say is your favorite item from the Fall ‘23 Collection?

5. It’s now August, and even though we “officially” have a few weeks of summer left, I’m already a little nostalgic about the past couple of months!

I’ve had a lot of fun this summer, but I think my favorite memory was the week I spent at the beach with my family. It was incredibly hot, but watching the kids play in the ocean underneath my umbrella was one for the books.

It’s not over yet, but what would you say your favorite Summer ‘23 memory is so far?

6. Taking long walks along the beach is much more fun when you have a mission! Every time I come back from one of my beach walks, I’m carrying a bucket full of seashells or sea glass.

I have a ton of seashells from my beach hunts at my house already, so now I have a new mission — sea glass hunting! It’s a little tougher, but that just makes it all the more satisfying.

When you walk along the beach, what do you look for? Seashells, sea glass, or whatever you can find?

7. It never fails — the weather warms up, my vegetable garden starts to bloom, and all I want to do is try out new salad recipes!

I’ve made a lot of salads this summer, and I think my favorite is a take on the classic Caprese. I dice some tomatoes and a ball of mozzarella, chop up my basil, then mix it all together with arugula, dill, and of course, balsamic glaze!

Do you go salad crazy in the summer like me? If so, what’s the best recipe you’ve tried?!

8. While I love trying new foods and checking out local hotspots, it can be overwhelming to read the menu at a new restaurant — especially if you have dietary restrictions!

That’s why I’m a big fan of reading the menu online before I leave the house. Some people think that takes the fun out of it, but I always like to know exactly what I’m getting into!

Are you an adventurous eater? Or are you like me and NEED to check out the menu before you go to a new restaurant?

9. There are a ton of style “rules” we’re expected to follow. But at some point, we all need to realize that some of these fashion faux pas are just a matter of opinion!

For example, there are a few color combinations I’ve always been told not to wear — black and brown, black and navy, purple and yellow…the list goes on. But honestly? I think all these colors can look gorgeous together. You just need to style it right!

What are some fashion “rules” you refuse to follow?

10. There’s nothing like snapping a selfie and having everything go smoothly. The lighting is right, your hair is laid perfectly, and your makeup highlights your face in all the best places!

Getting a good selfie can really boost your self-esteem and sharing it with friends makes it all the better. With that in mind, I’d like to share the best selfie I’ve taken recently!

Now, let’s see yours!

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