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5 Ways to Maximize Holiday Sales!

Holidays are a prime time to rake in those increased sale numbers. Don’t go into them unprepared. This blog will give you 5 great tips to maximize your sales like diversifying your audience, being a holiday hero and more. Finish your year strong and maximize your holiday sales.

1. Diversify who you sell to:

People aren’t just buying for themselves right now so contact husbands or coworkers if you know them. In addition, help your clients with their shopping list by offering suggestions on gifts for mom, grandma, auntie, etc. Once grandma tries on her new cabi item she will be shopping with you all the time. Also, remind your clients to shop for their teachers, hairdressers, coaches, etc. It's people that they forget to shop for or may want to thank this year and they are so grateful for your reminder. Offer small/low-cost items like scarves or jewelry that anyone would love.

2. Be the holiday hero:

Help customers above and beyond this season. Don’t add stress, help them de-stress. Your thought process for sales should be how can you help them vs how can you get them to buy things. Customers will appreciate it and in turn, prefer to do business with you. We all want someone to have our back so let’s be merry and help each other out. Think like your clients, what do you wish someone would do for you this holiday season? Gift wrapping is a good one. Another, would be special deliveries. Offer to drop it off at hubbies work so he can keep that gift for his wife a secret. You could also have the ladies tell you what they wish their husbands would get them and then email the husbands their wish list.

3. Stay busy, don’t give up:

You’ve worked hard all year and you're ready to coast through till New Years. I get it. But now is not the time to slow down. Now is the time to break your sales record! You got this! Putting in a little extra effort during the holidays will pay off. After all, it is the season of giving, so give it your all!

4. Keep it personal:

Send out a personal email to each client to say how thankful you are for last year’s profits and then toot your horn a little. This may not be your style, but here is why you should give it a try. Sharing testimonials and happy customer pictures (with their permission) will make your customers feel more confident in their choice to shop with you. Psychologically customers tend to like what is popular so show them the top pieces you are selling this season.

Pick up the phone! Yes, I said it. Don’t get me wrong Social Media is a giant contributor to businesses, but not everything is online. Don’t be afraid to add in some time to make those more traditional calls. A real-time conversation is refreshing and you might even get to tell the clients more about your collection than you would online. Personal phone calls will give you the client's full attention.

5. Refer a friend promotion:

I love this one! Some of you have already used it and for others this will be new. Basically, you have your clients refer a friend to you and in return for that friend buying something you give your client a small gift as a thank you. For example, a pair of earrings or a cute mug. (Pro-tip: pair it with some hot chocolate.) Now you have a new client, your old client is happy she got a gift for herself, and your new client buys a fabulous piece she can’t stop raving about. Win, win, win!!!

Bonus Tip!! Have planned Social Media content:

This is the time to up your social media content posts. Don’t wait till the last minute to create those cute holiday posts. You’ll want several posts a week with a mixture of content. Content should be of both product and your face (i.e. you in the clothes, jewelry, etc.) If this sounds completely overwhelming, I get it, the holidays are stressful enough. That’s why Promote Creatively is here to help! We will cover the product content posts for you so you can focus on those cute selfies and still have time for the rest of your holiday tasks. Or if you just need a little training so you can do your own, we can help with that too. Click the link (here) to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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