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10 Things to do for Your Small Business While in Quarantine

Stuck at home, or safe at home? One word makes all the difference in changing your attitude. Are you worried about what this quarantine might mean for your business? You're not alone. So, let's not let this lemon get the best of us. It's time to make some lemonade! Let's stay positive together and help each other out! Below are 10 things you can do right now to help your small business.

1) Get organized. No really, don't put it off. Organization leads to success. If you want a smooth-running business that is hassle-free, it's time to organize. I know you have the time! Organize your collection, make a spreadsheet for orders, clean up your contact lists. You know what you need, so go do it.

2) Find an app to help you with Tax Deductions.

Taxes can be a huge pain, but they don't have to be. There are lots of apps available now to help you. Try Expensify app or Foreceipt instead of keeping a shoebox of receipts. Taking the time to set these up now means it will be easier to drop in purchases on the go when you are fully mobile again. MileIQ is another great app that tracks mileage if you are looking to deduct that on your taxes next year.

3) Write down goals. This may seem cheesy, but trust me it works. Remember how you used to write your spelling words out 10 times each before the test. Same concept. Write down those goals and repeat them to yourself. Put them on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Read it every day and then say “I can get this done” or “I will accomplish this”. The power of positivity will take you a long way.

4) Learn something new. Why not? It's the perfect time to try new things. Don't get stuck in a rut, grow! Keep working at being the best version of yourself. Your business will thrive from it. Do you want to learn social media for your small business? Book a $50 training special with Promote Creatively this month! (Ends 4/30/20)

5) Get Social! Up your Social Media Game.

In this time of Social Distancing, Social Media is more important than ever for small businesses. Engage with your customers. Try commenting on 5 to 10 posts every day. The more you engage, the more your costumers will engage. And keep posting! Keep your product top of mind with three posts every week. (Promote Creatively can help with this).

6) Make a contact list. Who have you not talked to or reached out to in a while? Send them a message to check in or give them a call and see how they are doing. We could all use a little connection right now. Show your customers you care and tell them how you are here to help. 7) Ask for feedback. Let your customers know you are listening to their questions and concerns. People are more likely to trust your brand if you ask for feedback and reply in a timely manner. Let them know they are not just a number and you truly care about what they have to say. 8) Let customers know what you're doing to help. These are tough times for all of us. Many are struggling to make their lives seem normal. For Cabi stylists, let your customers know that you are offering free returns on all orders making it easier for them to shop during the quarantine. Mention what you can do virtually. Customers will love that you are thinking of them and trying to help out. 9) Do a giveaway for hosting a virtual show. If business is slow try doing a giveaway for hosting a virtual show. You will get more shows which means more sales and they get to win a prize. Win-win! Advertise the giveaway on social media and then announce the winner with a short video. It is also a great way to take clients' minds off of being quarantined. 10) Be upfront about where you are at during the quarantine. We are all going through a hard time. Maybe you can't offer all of the same services or have certain items on backorder. Just be upfront with your customers and tell them the truth. You'll end up bonding over your quarantine struggles and customers will appreciate your candor. We are all in this together.

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