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October 2023 Group Prompts

Asking your Facebook Group members questions is a great way to increase engagement! Groups are very people-oriented pages, and you want your members to get the most out of their experience.

While the following prompts will give you some ideas, remember - your page needs to be authentic to you and your personal brand! Before you choose a prompt, ask yourself a few questions:

● How is this relevant to me?

● Would I respond to this prompt myself?

● Will this bring value and spark conversation on my page?

At the end of the day, group prompts should do two things: help your followers get to know you better, and help you get to know your clients more personally! Adding pictures from your personal life that relate to the story you’re telling is always a great idea.

**Keep in mind that the anecdotal information in each prompt paragraph should be edited to apply to you and your interests.**

Prompt Ideas for October

1. (National Dessert Day — October 14th, 2023) If you love ice cream, cake, and other sweet treats, you’re probably just as excited about National Dessert Day as I am!

I don’t eat dessert every night. But when I do, I go all out! In honor of National Dessert Day today, I’m thinking ice cream sundaes tonight!

What will you be celebrating National Dessert Day with?

2. (Halloween, October 31st, 2023) Happy Halloween! I look forward to Halloween every year, no matter what I have planned.

Some years I go to Halloween parties with friends, but this year, I’ll be hanging out at home watching scary movies and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

How will you be spending Halloween this year? If you’re dressing up, drop a photo in the comments!

3. Cabi released the Impress Collection in September, and I’ve been loving all the outfit combinations I’ve been seeing on Instagram and Facebook!

My absolute favorite new item from the Impress Collection is the Grace Coat. I love the color, material, and the fit is perfect for anyone!

What Impress Collection pieces are you loving the most?

4. Accessorizing is my favorite part of putting an outfit together, and there’s no better way to accessorize than with some gorgeous jewelry!

Some people prefer silver jewelry, and others like gold. Personally, I prefer the look of gold jewelry. But, I think silver looks best on me!

What’s your take — silver or gold jewelry?

5. If you’re anything like me, you can’t resist a good throw pillow!

There’s just something about a freshly-made bed, complete with the perfect pillows, that really brings everything together — even if I do have to throw them all on the floor before I go to bed at night!

Some people love lots of pillows on their bed, while others just see it as a lot of extra work. What do you say: yes or no to throw pillows?

6. October means pumpkin patch season!

I love picking out the perfect pumpkin each October, going home and taking all the seeds out, then decorating the outside!

Carving pumpkins is a long-time favorite activity of mine, but I’ve also started getting into painting pumpkins lately.

How do you decorate your pumpkins — carving or painting? Bonus points for pictures of this year’s creations!

7. I’ve been seeing all the girls in their Girl Scout uniforms lately, which means Girl Scout season is officially here!

Seeing Girl Scouts around town always makes me nostalgic for the days when I was a Girl Scout. I loved hanging out with my friends after school, creating arts and crafts, and of course, going on weekend camping trips!

Were you a Girl Scout when you were younger? If so, what’s your favorite memory of it?

8. The weather is starting to cool down, which means I can finally pull out all my cabi Fall ‘23 jackets!

This season, I’m really loving the James Jacket and the Williams Jacket. The James Jacket can go with nearly anything, and the Williams Jacket is such a pretty color!

Which do you like best for Fall — the James Jacket or the Williams Jacket?

9. Over the years, I’ve found myself spending more and more time in front of the TV and browsing the internet in my free time. So now, I make a special effort to find more creative activities to do!

Right now, my favorite way to be creative during my time off is painting. I’m not particularly good at it, but sitting back for a few hours with a canvas and a paintbrush really is very therapeutic!

Do you have a special creative hobby you practice in your free time? If so, share some creations!

10. Whenever I have a little extra time on a Saturday afternoon, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than at the farmer’s market!

I love getting fresh produce straight from the source, and now, there are more vendors than ever. While it used to just be the farmers, it seems like everyone from local artisans to food truck vendors are now at the farmer’s market every Saturday!

Do you like spending time at farmer’s markets? What’s your favorite thing to buy?

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