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Editing Videos On Your iPhone with InShot!

Editing your videos to make them look more professional and appealing before you post them on social media is crucial. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by the very thought of editing their own videos! If you’re ready to learn video editing basics right from your phone, InShot can be a lifesaver.

InShot is available for free on the Apple App Store and has been a savior for me every time I need to make some quick, simple edits without my computer on hand. Here’s how to use InShot to get your videos ready to post on Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else on the web!

Getting Started with InShot

When you first open InShot, press Video under Create New.

Once you press Video, InShot will request access to your photo library. Choose Allow Access to All Photos, and then you’ll be able to choose the video you want to edit! Once you select your video, press the green checkmark in the lower right-hand corner. This will take you to the editing screen.

Editing Videos with InShot

Once the app brings you to the editing screen, you’ll notice several different editing options.

There are quite a few, and I know that can seem overwhelming if you have never had experience editing videos before! But, don’t worry - here is a quick overview of some of the editing options you can play around with:

Canvas - This lets you adjust the aspect ratio, zoom, and background color of your video.

Music - Add music from your iTunes library, music pre-loaded onto the app, recorded audio, or different sound effects.

Sticker - Add stickers to your video. You can even move them around and animate them if you’d like!

Text - Add any text to your video. Then, change the font, placement, and size to your liking!

Filter - This lets you add a filter to your video or adjust the contrast/brightness.

Pip - Add another video on top of the main video.

Apart from these features, InShot also lets you trim and split clips using the Precut tool!

Use the Trim option to trim the length of the clip, Cut to cut out a part in the middle of the clip, or Split to split the clip into two different sections.

You might also want to increase or decrease the Volume of your clip. This is especially useful if you want to add music or narration over your video and don’t want the white noise in the clip to affect the quality! Choose the Volume editing tool, and then move the slider to your desired volume.

Another editing feature that InShot offers is the option to change your clip’s Speed. This lets you speed up or slow down your video. Just move the slider until you get to the speed you want.

If you just want to change the speed of certain parts of your video, you can do so with the Curve option!

Just use the blue dots along the different points in the video clip to change the speed of each part. Drag up to speed it up, and drag down to slow it down!

If you do change the speed of your video, make sure to turn the Volume all the way down! If you leave the clip’s sound on, it’ll begin to sound more and more distorted as the speed changes.

While all of the information above will help you generally edit your videos and make them more interesting, it’s by far not all that InShot has to offer! You’d probably expect an iPhone-based video editing software to have its limitations - but InShot offers nearly every option that programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie do!

Take some time and play around with it - if you make a mistake, you can always Undo your last action by pressing the back arrow to the left of the play button.

Finishing Up & Saving

Once you’ve finished editing and are satisfied with your final video, it’s time to export and share or save it for later! Press the Export button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Change the Resolution to the HIGHEST available for your device. (Could be 4k). Then, press Save.

Once you press Save, your video will automatically be saved to your phone’s Camera Roll. Now, you have it on your phone to share whenever you’re ready! If you’d like to share it on social media immediately, however, the following screen will give you the option to share on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Stories, and more.

Editing your own videos might seem intimidating at first. But, InShot makes it simple! Once you get the hang of editing using this app, you’ll see how easy and fun it can actually be.

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