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Things you can do to see Success from Social Media

You know the saying like surrounds themselves with like? It’s so true. The clients I enjoy working with are the ones that are most like myself. They are the clients that I retain as my passion to help them succeed and their passion to learn from a Subject Matter Expert that is within their field sync together as one.

I get asked all the time on consultation do I EXPAND my presence outside of my current circle? Who do I need to network with? How do I get more followers in my area?

My Answer: What things were you were doing when you were attracted to cabi? What clothing stores worked for you? What activities did you usually do? Like surrounds with like. If you want to use social media as a way to find people to follow you, find a local business that you personally love in your area on Facebook or Instagram. Search #yourcitynamehere or #nailsalon or #nameofyourfavoritecoffeeshop then like those pages. From there take a look at the people that follow them and engage with that business and those who are following that feed. Remember, “likes” are good, but comments are better. Tell them how cute their outfit is, or ask them the color of their nail polish. Casual conversation can lead to new clients in a snap. Similar interests. Start there. Usually if you comment and follow someone, they will likely return the gesture. ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE.

Example: my business is working with cabi Stylists and other small businesses. How did I find all of you to follow? Simple. I know the hashtags to find you. I commented on your pages and followed you, but genuinely. We do love cabi right? Similar interests.

Get a Social Media Sign: Invite people to your page and mention it at your shows. More followers can also come from face-to-face conversation (virtual appointments too).

Did you know: The amount of engagement on your posts directly relates to how many people see them? Social Media algorithms actually show your post to more people if people engage with it. The more positive interactions on your post = the more people you’ll reach on social media, turning into more customers for you. A study was done by Socialbakers that found the more interactions a Facebook page has, the more visits to its website. AND more visits to your website means more sales!! (

Work Smarter Not Harder: Share your Facebook business page posts into your events that you create for cabi hostesses. Keep them excited. For monthly management clients, “Double Dip” on Promote Creatively's posts for you and share them into your events.

Want to learn more! Let’s chat! Book a free 30-minute consultation today.

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