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March 2022 Group Prompts

Asking your Facebook Group members questions is a great way to increase engagement! Groups are very people-oriented pages, and you want your members to get the most out of their experience.

While the following prompts will give you some ideas, remember - your page needs to be authentic to you and your personal brand! Before you choose a prompt, ask yourself a few questions:

● How is this relevant to me?

● Would I respond to this prompt myself if i were scrolling social media?

● Will this bring value and spark conversation on my page?

At the end of the day, group prompts should do two things: help your followers get to know you better, and help you get to know your clients more personally! Adding pictures from your personal life that relate to the story you’re telling is always a great idea.

**Keep in mind that the anecdotal information in each prompt paragraph should be edited to apply to you and your interests.**

Prompt Ideas for March

1. March is an important time for women across the globe. The 1st marks the start of Women’s History Month, and the 8th is globally-recognized as International Women’s Day! As a female business owner, I wouldn’t be doing my part if I didn’t take some time to thank all the women who made it possible for me to one day own my own business.

With that being said, it’s not just the women who made history that deserve our appreciation this month! We all have women in our lives who inspire us to be the best we can be, and those who’ve taught us lessons we’ll carry with us forever. Who are the women in your life who have made the biggest impact?

2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This holiday may have originated in Ireland, but today, it’s celebrated worldwide. When I think about my St. Patrick’s Day memories, there’s always one thing that comes to mind: making leprechaun traps as a kid!

Some years I did this at home, but my favorites were the ones we made at school as a class project. The concept is simple - if you can trap a leprechaun, they’ll leave you some chocolate coins before making their escape!

Thinking back, us kids had some very innovative ideas for catching these tiny sprites. Leaving a trail of pennies, painting a box like the end of a rainbow…the possibilities were endless! Do you remember making leprechaun traps as a kid, or helping your kids or grandkids do the same? If so, what design were you most proud of?!

3. Today marks a day I’ve been waiting for all year - the First Day of Spring! Longer days and warm, sunny weather mean a chance to get back into all my favorite outdoor activities.

Although it might seem like a chore to some, gardening is my absolute favorite springtime activity. There’s nothing better than watching buds turn to blooms, whether you’re growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables!

I love spending as much time outside as possible when the weather’s nice, so I’m always open to recommendations! What outdoor activities are you looking forward to most this spring?

4. Since cabi’s dropped the spring collection, I’ve loved hearing how my clients and Stylist friends are wearing the Celebrate dress! With a black-and-white dotted pattern on one side and a blue and green floral print on the other, this dress holds a lot of style potential! But, in my opinion, the blue and green floral side takes the cake.

I love wearing florals this time of year, and this dress goes perfectly with one of my favorite spring items - the blue Slim Rib cardigan! Which side of this reversible dress do you prefer, and how do you match it to other pieces in your wardrobe?

5. Unpopular opinion: there’s no such thing as too much accessorizing! Some people like to stick with one statement piece, like a chunky necklace or bold, sparkly earrings, but less isn’t always more. That’s actually one of my favorite things about cabi’s jewelry - almost everything is coordinated to work with another piece in the collection!

This spring, I’m particularly loving the Dynasty necklace and earrings together. Just add a simple (or not so simple!) gold bracelet, and you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you! How do you feel about accessorizing? Is less really more, or do you love “overaccessorizing” too?!

6. There are two types of people who work from home - those who still get up and get dressed to work in their home office, and those who throw on their favorite loungewear and work from the couch. Which option is better? That’s completely up to you!

As someone who works from home, I tend to switch between these roles depending on how I feel that day. Sometimes getting ready feels like a chore, and other times it helps me kickstart my morning and be the most productive I can be. While there’s no right answer, I’m curious! What’s your work-from-home style?

7. Working from home has really made it challenging to maintain that perfect work-life balance. When I first started working at home, there were some days when I felt like a slave to my laptop, and others when I just couldn’t find the motivation to get anything done. Thankfully, I found the perfect solution: remembering to take short breaks throughout the day!

Think about it - if you were still at the office, you wouldn’t be tied to your desk all day long. You would probably get up once or twice per hour to grab a cup of coffee or chat with coworkers, and you’d definitely get your regularly-scheduled lunch break!

Since I’ve realized this, I always make sure to get up and move around for at least five minutes per hour. And, I sure take advantage of that full-hour lunch break!

That leads me to this question: what helps you keep your work-life balance in check? Let me know in the comments, and who knows?! You might help someone else who’s been struggling!

8. No matter what I do all day, there’s a 99% chance I’m listening to music while I do it! From the second I wake up until the minute I log off my computer at night, my headphones are in or my radio is on.

In the mornings, I prefer upbeat music that gives me the motivation I need to wake up and be productive. While I’m on my laptop working, I tend to go for more relaxing or classical tunes. And if I’m driving, all bets are off! I could be jamming out to the Top 40, or I might be playing my favorite instrumental tracks.

What music do you listen to throughout the day? Do you stick to your favorite artist, or do you switch it up based on how you’re feeling?

9. We all have different techniques to relieve some of the stress that each day can bring. Some people go for a jog at the end of the workday, some people take meditation breaks, and others relax listening to the birds chirp as the sun sets.

I’ve found that getting in tune with nature, even for a few minutes each day, really helps me unwind after a long day. I might go for a walk down the street, head to the park, or just sit on my porch and watch the trees sway back and forth in the wind. What’s your go-to stress relief technique?

10. As a Stylist, I love all things fashion. While studying today’s trends is always exciting, I also love studying the trends of years past! Some of them are laughably horrendous (looking at you, MC Hammer pants!), but others could still thrive today!

My favorite historical fashion trend is definitely the old Hollywood style, long, fitted gowns of the 1930s. Everything about it says “glamour,” and I think it would be so fun to start dressing up on an everyday basis again! What are some of your favorite and least favorite fashion trends from past decades? Bonus points for photos of you wearing them!

11. Now that it’s March and spring is in full swing, I’ve started to pull out all my favorite warm-weather clothes! While shorts, dresses, and tank tops all scream “spring,” it’s all the colors we get to wear that really get me excited for the sunny days ahead!

Spring is traditionally a time for pastels and other muted tones, but I love bright colors this time of year. My absolute favorite top in the new spring collection is the red and white Kelly top, and I’m also loving the new waterfall-colored Button Fly shorts! What about you? Do you prefer pastels, or are you all about the bright colors?

12. Before I learned all the tips and tricks I now offer my clients, I dreaded putting outfits together each day. When you don’t have closet organization down or the right pieces to mix and match, choosing your outfit can be the longest part of your morning routine! That’s where your capsule wardrobe comes into play.

What’s a capsule wardrobe? Simple! It’s a collection of a few of your favorite tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories that all work well together, giving you endless outfit possibilities without a lot of effort. Do you have a capsule wardrobe? If so, what are some of your favorite pieces to mix and match?!

13. Although we’re just getting into spring now, it’s already time to start thinking about your annual summer vacation! I look forward to my family’s getaways year after year, no matter where our destination may be.

Some years we head out for a week at a tropical resort, and other years we rent a house by the beach to spend some much-needed quality time together. But, we all have that favorite once-in-a-lifetime trip! What’s your favorite vacation you’ve ever taken?

14. In a world that constantly encourages us to commodify our hobbies, it can be hard to find activities that actually help us relax with no pressure whatsoever. Although my interest in fashion has led me to my dream career as a Stylist, I’ve made a point to keep my other hobbies and interests 100% for me.

One of my favorite relaxing hobbies lately is painting. It’s not something I’m particularly talented at, but that doesn’t matter! I’m not looking to become the next Picasso or sell my paintings for millions - it’s simply something I take a few hours to work on each week, and it really helps me relax and unwind. What’s one hobby of yours that helps you do the same?

15. Watching my favorite old tv shows before bed has become one of my most important nighttime rituals. While there are lots of great shows still airing today, the time I’ve spent watching old favorites has reminded me of a lot of shows that were gone much too soon!

We’ve all seen great shows ruined by staying on air too long, but I can still think of a few that I would love just one more season of. If you could bring back any show for a “final season,” which would you choose?

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