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A Few Ideas for Your Fall Content Calendar

As you plan your content calendar for the fall season, it helps to consider letting your clients into your life more! They follow you on social media because they care not only about the products and services you have to offer, but about you as a person. Here are some fun things to consider adding to your content calendar this season!

Videos & Video Stories

Videos typically perform very well in terms of social media engagement. Hearing you talk about what you have to offer typically gives clients more information, and they may be more likely to inquire further if they know that a friendly face is behind the brand!

In addition to talking about your business, you might also want to use videos to let your clients take a peek into your personal life. If you’re comfortable with it, you can share stories and home videos featuring your friends, spouse, children, or grandchildren. It’s important that clients feel comfortable doing business with you, and letting people know who you are outside of your professional life is a great way to make this happen.

You can post videos directly to your Instagram or Facebook page, or you can post them to your Story. Different people have different preferences on how they’d like to watch a video, so cross-posting (posting the same video on your page and on your story) might be a good technique to follow.

Live Videos

Going live on Instagram or Facebook is a great way to interact with your followers in real time! A live video is best whenever you have new products dropping or exciting news to share. People can ask questions and have them answered immediately, and you can respond to the comments they have in a natural, off-the-cuff way.

On social media, live videos are the closest thing you can have to a real face-to-face conversation. They’re great for discussing business-related topics, but you can also host a live video just to have a conversation with your clients and let them more into your personal life.

It may be helpful to post something earlier in the day to tell people you’ll be going live later. While you don’t want to give too much information in this initial post, you should let people know what you’ll be discussing so they can decide if they want to join and make the time to do so!


Infographics are an easy, creative way to concisely convey information. Infographics might include things like:

● Tips and tricks

● Your pricing structure

● How a business process works step-by-step

The key to making the best infographics? A good balance between visual elements and information! Too many graphics or colors will distract from the message, and too much text isn’t very interesting for your followers to read. Create something that’s nice to look at but conveys the information you’re trying to get across well.

When posting infographics, make sure to let it speak for itself. The caption should be a concise overview of what it says, and you should encourage your followers to message or comment with any additional questions they have.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

What better way to show your clients you care than sharing their testimonials and reviews?! While reviews posted publicly online are typically fair game, make sure you ask permission before sharing a text or email from a client on your social media page. Most people will be excited to be featured as a client, but others may prefer to keep the communication private.

When you ask clients if you can share their feedback with your other followers, they’ll usually be very excited and feel valued as clients. Plus, seeing other satisfied customers on your page will show your followers that you provide a trustworthy service!

Posting customer reviews is typically best when done on your Story. Posting reviews and testimonials is more about sharing a particular client’s experience rather than encouraging others to interact, and your Instagram or Facebook Story is the perfect medium for this.


Getting excited about upcoming products, promotions, or anything else is the best way to get your followers excited, as well! Even if it’s already listed on your page, announcing anything you have coming up in the future will expose the news to a wider audience, giving you more prospective clients, and hopefully, a better turnout.

These types of posts are usually conveying pretty important information about your business, so cross-posting also works very well for this purpose. You can create a standalone post on your page, then share that post on your story. You might also want to consider posting a video to make an announcement!


As long as your company allows it, contests are a great way to increase your following, build connections with your existing clients, and have a little fun! You might want to have your followers repost something to be entered in a giveaway, or you may want your contest to be more skill-based.

Whether you’re picking the winner randomly or judging who entered a skill-based contest with the strongest entry, hosting a contest is one of the best ways to increase engagement. It’ll get your followers excited, give you a fun way to interact with clients, and show them how much you appreciate their patronage!

When you’re running a contest, make sure to advertise it frequently to gain more entries. More entries mean more exposure for your business, so be sure to use cross-posting. While you don’t want to overwhelm your followers by constantly posting about your contest, mentioning it once a day (for a short-running contest) or a couple of times per week (for a long-running contest) will be perfect.

Step Up Your Social Media!

These are some of the best ways to switch up your regular postings, give your clients a look into your life, and show your appreciation. If you’re in somewhat of a rut with social media, try incorporating a few of these ideas into your content calendar this fall! Need some additional help? Book a free 30-minute consultation here!

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