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Building Your Personal Brand: How to Stand Out from the Crowd!

Growing your business, both in the real world and on social media, is not a one-step process. In addition to promoting what your company can offer clients, it’s also important to highlight why people should choose to do business with you as a person!

That’s where your personal brand comes into play. While your business branding should focus on what makes your products or services special, your personal brand should create a positive impression of you based on your experience, actions, and achievements.

In some ways, this personal brand you create for yourself is even more important than your business branding strategy. Most people prefer to do business with someone they like or can relate to, and making positive personal connections with all your clients can pay off big time.

Let’s discuss some of the best steps to take that will help you build a unique personal brand.

First, Ask Yourself Two Questions

When thinking about your personal brand, there are two questions to keep in mind:

● What sets you apart from the rest?

● What will people remember you by?

The answers to each of these questions are key to building a personal brand that stands out from the crowd!

What Sets You Apart from the Rest?

No matter what industry you work within, you’re all but guaranteed to have competition. For that reason, the first thing you should think about while building your personal brand is, “what do I have to offer that others don’t?”

Think about the ways you as a business owner put others first. How do you make your clients a priority? Perhaps you offer a great rewards program, or maybe you go out of your way to accommodate customers even when you have a tight schedule. What sets you apart could even be as simple as a guarantee that all messages and inquiries will be answered within a two-hour timeframe!

In general, think about the unique ways you go above and beyond for clients. If you have something to offer that not many others do, definitely make it a part of your personal brand.

What Will People Remember You By?

Most of us have been lucky enough to have at least one positive interaction with a business that we still think about to this day. As you probably already know, making a great impression is one of the surefire ways to increase your customer retention rate! So, when thinking about what to highlight as part of your personal brand, ask yourself: “what will people remember me by?”

Maybe you send each client a Happy Birthday card or message each year, or perhaps you include free samples with every order. You may offer home deliveries to clients in your area, or you might throw in a coupon code with every order. At this point, you should be thinking about the question, “What’s my signature move?”

It’s no secret that we’re naturally more attracted to businesses that add these little personal touches. Offering something unique that people can remember you by will not only keep your name in the forefront of their minds, but it’ll also help customers feel like they’re supporting a person - not just a brand.

Using Your Personal Brand to Attract New Clientele

As a small business owner, finding new customers can be tough. You don’t have the same marketing capabilities as the big corporate stores, so you’ll mainly have to rely on word-of-mouth advertising.

The best way to ensure your current clients recommend you to their friends and family is to create a sense of community. Let your customers into your personal life and take an interest in theirs.

Think about it like this - you have one small business in your area with an owner you have a great rapport with. You know each other’s names and birthdays, and even bond over similar interests. You know you can count on them to offer you any current promotions or special incentives.

Then, you have another owner in your area who always seems nice and attentive, maybe even one who recognizes you when you come in - but, they don’t really know anything about you, and you know even less about them. Who would you rather do business with? And, more importantly, who would you be more likely to recommend to your friends?

When you’re dealing with a saturated market, you need to stand out for all the right reasons. People are much more likely to recommend you when they feel a sense of community, and when they feel like they’re helping out a friend rather than a business owner!

Other Ways to Attract New Clientele

While creating a sense of community among your current clientele is an excellent way to get referrals and find new customers, it’s definitely not the only way! Here are three other ways to attract new people to your business.

Order Business Cards unique to you

Although business cards are not nearly as popular as they used to be, they’re still a great investment! These days, anyone can create and order professional-looking business cards at a relatively low price. Consider leaving a stack at local hotspots and give every customer your card after they make a purchase.

The best business cards are unique to both your business and personal brand. To be sure you’re covering all your bases, include a few of the following elements on your cards:

● A small photo of you

● A link to your website

● Your daytime phone number

● The cities or areas you serve

● Links to your social media profiles

Business cards give you a tangible way to keep your business in your clients’ minds. They’ll think of you every time they see your card and can even give it to their friends and family members when they recommend you!

Create a Referral Rewards Program

A referral rewards program is one of the best ways to gain new customers and clients. You could offer something like 10% off a future purchase for both the referrer and referee, or a free item after 10 total referrals! If you operate under a larger parent company, make sure any referral programs you’re considering are allowed under your contract before beginning.

Ask Clients How They Found You

If you’re spending money on advertising, you want to be sure it’s money well spent. When a client makes a purchase, consider asking them how they found you. Maybe they saw your ad in a local magazine or visited your social media profile, or perhaps a neighbor told them about your business. Take note of how clients are learning about you and focus your marketing efforts on the avenues that are getting the best results.

Your Personal Brand Begins with You

You’ve spent time curating your business’s branding strategy, including your mission, values, and general practices. Now, it’s time to focus on the person behind the brand. While your business brand reflects your company, your personal brand reflects you as a person.

Focus on the things that set you apart from others, take extra steps to ensure people remember you, and above all else, show clients that you’re the type of person they want to do business with. It’s the little things that matter and creating a sense of community within your company is something that will pay off big time!

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