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April 2022 Group Prompts

Asking your Facebook Group members questions is a great way to increase engagement! Groups are very people-oriented pages, and you want your members to get the most out of their experience.

While the following prompts will give you some ideas, remember - your page needs to be authentic to you and your personal brand! Before you choose a prompt, ask yourself a few questions:

● How is this relevant to me?

● Would I respond to this prompt myself?

● Will this bring value and spark conversation on my page?

● How can I insert a Photo of Me, My Brand or something in my life to accompany the prompt?

At the end of the day, group prompts should do two things: help your followers get to know you better, and help you get to know your clients more personally! Adding pictures from your personal life that relate to the story you’re telling is always a great idea.

**Keep in mind that the anecdotal information in each prompt paragraph should be edited to apply to you and your interests.**

Prompt Ideas for April

1. (April Fool’s Day, April 1st, 2022) Today’s the first of April, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day! You can never be quite sure what will happen on this day, so you have to stay on your toes…even around your closest friends and family members!

I have to admit that, over the years, I’ve been a victim of some pretty good April Fool’s Day pranks. Some I could laugh about pretty soon after, but others have nearly sent me into a cardiac arrest! Now that I’ve shared my pain, tell me: what’s the best April Fool’s prank anyone has ever played on you?!

2. (National Siblings Day, April 10th, 2022) Happy National Siblings Day! As we all grow up and go our separate ways in life, it’s easy to lose touch with our brothers and sisters. It’s a little bit strange how quickly people we once spent every day with can turn to strangers, so over the years, I’ve made it a point to keep in touch with my siblings on a regular basis.

Now that we all call different states across the country “home,” I like to take at least a few days each year to visit my siblings’ new hometowns and spend time with them and their families, getting to know the area more and more each time. We still always try to get the whole family back together around the holidays, and of course, social media is a big help with staying connected! How do you keep your siblings in your life as an adult?

3. (Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022) Happy Earth Day! Today’s all about spending time outdoors, appreciating our beautiful planet, and practicing sustainability. One of my favorite Earth Day activities, and something that has become somewhat of a tradition in my household, is participating in a beach clean-up.

The beach is many people’s safe space during the warmer months, mine included. But, you’d be shocked at just how much trash can accumulate in the sand during the off-season! That’s why my family and I always form our own beach clean-up committee or join one sponsored by the city.

Although it’s time-consuming, tedious work, it makes me feel good to know I’ve made a difference and improved the environment, even just a little bit. What are some of your favorite things to do to show your love for Mother Earth on this special day?

4. (Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, April 30th, 2022) Today’s a day I hold very dear to my heart: Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! I’ve had my fair share of animals throughout my lifetime, some adopted from a shelter and some from a breeder. While there’s nothing wrong with owning the perfect purebred, there’s just something extra-special about adopting a dog or cat from the shelter!

Knowing you’ve helped an animal who wouldn’t otherwise have a home really makes you feel like you’re doing something good for the world, and they show their appreciation every day of their lives. Have you ever adopted a shelter pet? What’s your “gotcha” story? And of course, bonus points for pictures of your furry friends!

5. Now that April is here, I’m getting more excited for summer every day! It seems like life is getting crazier and crazier lately, but no matter how intense things get, thinking about the perfect summer vacation always keeps me grounded. Getting your mind off of the hustle and bustle of everyday life is no easy task, but lounging on the beach or relaxing by the pool sure does help.

Now, here’s a confession: summer will be here before we know it, and I haven’t finalized my vacation plans yet! So, help me out and let me know — where are you planning to travel this summer? What are you most excited about doing once you get there?

6. In today’s digital age, and with all the distractions of having instant gratification at our fingertips (ahem, Netflix), it seems like the very things that used to be so relaxing are now seen as a chore. But, there’s one hobby of mine that technology has never been able to take away: reading!

I’ll admit it — there was a good chunk of time when I just sat in bed watching TV for hours before I finally fell asleep. However, I soon realized that it’s no substitute for the feeling of dozing off with a great book! Now, I turn the TV off at least an hour before I go to bed, then spend time reading a new book or re-reading some of my old favorites. What about you? Are you an avid reader? If so, what’s your favorite book at the moment?

7. Those minor irritations that happen throughout the week can take a toll on how you feel when the weekend comes. Saturday and Sunday are meant to be relaxing, but a lot of the time, I’ll wake up Saturday morning still feeling sour about some of the negativity I experienced during the week. And, by the time I finally start to relax and get over it, it’s already Sunday night!

If you can relate, let me share one tip that’s helped me: at the end of each workday, write down one positive thing that happened! It doesn’t even have to be something big. Maybe you just had a really good cup of coffee that morning, or perhaps you saw a particularly adorable dog on your drive to the office.

Read over your positivity list when you wake up Saturday morning, and trust me — you’ll feel much better throughout the weekend!

Let’s all try this out now: what’s one good thing that happened either today or this week in general?

8. Although there are usually quite a few pieces in cabi’s collections that I just have to have for myself, there’s always one that becomes a mainstay in my wardrobe for years to come. This season, that piece for me is the Windowpane jacket.

Something about the muted taupe color and geometric pattern really speaks to me, and even though it’s part of the spring collection, it’s something I’m sure I’ll be wearing throughout the year! It’s so easy to match with everything else in my closet, whether I’m feeling neutral colors or bright patterns on a particular day. And, the best part is, it can be dressed up or dressed down!

Whether I wear it with my jeans and a t-shirt while I’m running errands or pair it with a dress or jumpsuit for a business dinner, I get compliments everywhere I go! What’s your opinion: do you like dressing this jacket up, or do you prefer dressing it down?

9. The great thing about personal style is that there’s no wrong way to do it. Some people prefer bold colors head-to-toe, while others like neutral outfits with a pop of color. Monochromatic outfits are also very popular lately, and when these are done well, they can really catch your eye!

For me, the length I’m willing to go with my personal style depends on the occasion. For professional events, I’m more likely to choose a neutral outfit. At a girls’ lunch or happy hour, a pop of color is more my style. And, on vacation, I like to really get into the spirit with a bold look head-to-toe!

What about you — how does mixing and matching different colors fit into your personal style?

10. Different people feel differently about patterned clothing. While some like to stick to purely solid colors, others enjoy wearing patterns like stripes, florals, animal print, and geometrics! I like to keep most of my outfits solid so that nothing gets too “busy,” but I do enjoy incorporating patterns every once in a while!

Stripes are always a safe choice, and one thing I’ve found that works well for me is wearing vertically-striped pants. Not only do they add a little bit of personality to an otherwise solid outfit, but they also make your legs appear longer and slimmer!

My question for you is, how do you feel about patterned clothing? If you’re a fan, what’s your favorite pattern to wear?

11. There are lots of ways to accessorize these days, but in my opinion, nothing beats good old-fashioned silver and gold jewelry. It’s a timeless choice that can take any outfit to the next level, whether you’re just heading out for a casual lunch or attending a formal dinner party. The age-old question is: silver or gold?

Personally, I always go for gold over silver. I love how much gold jewelry can warm up a look, and it looks especially great during the summer months when I have a bit of a tan! What’s your opinion — do you prefer silver or gold jewelry? Is one better for some occasions than others?

12. It’s no secret how much convenience smartphones have added to our lives! While we all almost exclusively use our phones to do things like check the weather, read our emails, and browse social media, there’s so much more to the experience.

I love browsing the App Store and downloading different apps, whether they’re for playing games, learning new things, or best of all, shopping! The saying really does ring true: whatever you’re looking for, there’s an app for that. Have you downloaded any fun or useful apps lately? What’s your current favorite?

13. Here’s my confession: I still love playing games on my phone! Even on my busiest days, I always find myself taking breaks to play the same mobile games that everyone else got sick of years ago. It’s a great way to relieve stress, even for just a few minutes, and I’m always looking for new games to play.

I’m more partial to puzzle-style games than anything these days, but old favorites like Angry Birds and Temple Run are still guilty pleasures of mine. Since I’m always on the hunt for new games, I’m curious to know — what’s your current mobile game obsession? Or, what are some of your all-time favorites?

14. Thinking back to my childhood, there were a lot of jobs I thought I might have one day! There were times when I wanted to live in the spotlight as an actress or singer, and others when I wanted to nurture my creative spirit as an artist or fashion designer. At one point, I even wanted to translate my love for animals into a career as a veterinarian!

By the time I decided to become a cabi Stylist, I had already had a couple of other careers in different industries. Thinking back, I think my younger self would be quite pleased that I chose a career in fashion. After all, I did want to be a fashion designer at one point! What was your childhood dream job? How do you think your younger self would feel about your current career?

15. Something I’ve been enjoying lately is listening to podcasts. Podcasts have become very popular over the past few years, and now that I’ve gotten into the game, I understand why! No matter what topics you’re interested in, there’s a free and interesting podcast available for it.

While I do still enjoy listening to music whenever I can, podcasts sometimes do the job a little bit better. When I’m listening to people discuss the things I’m interested in, it settles my mind and allows me to focus on one thing for a while instead of letting my thoughts run wild. Plus, it really takes some of the frustration out of sitting in traffic! Do you ever listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

Photo credits:

Earth Day <a href=''>Charity donation photo created by freepik -</a>

Adopt a Shelter Pet <a href=''>Pet adoption photo created by freepik -</a>

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