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You said you would "when you have time"... Let's chat Closet Organization Hacks!

While we are all home spending time social-distancing I wanted to put together some of my favorite organizational tips that you can give to your clients as you reach out to them.

Giving these tips will not only help for some future sales it will, more importantly, help you connect and build your relationships. Try offering a Facetime closet audit and help them go through their closet together.

1) Organize by purpose and color

Ever try to put an outfit together and can’t find the top you want? A little organization goes a long way. While some items can work in multiple categories try organizing by the category that they are in most. For example, worktops by color, then weekend tops by color.

2) Use a tie rack for Camis.

I used to fight with hangers, getting the cami straps twisted around and hard to get off the hanger. It makes getting dressed in the morning really aggravating. This simple solution will make your cami’s easy to get to and find. No more cami’s hiding in between shirts. I also like to organize by color for extra ease.

3) Use a can Soda pop tab to put two hangers together

I love this solution for two reasons. First, I can outfit plan and put my layers together the night before. Second, I do this with my t-shirts to save space in my closet. Win-win!

4) Try it on, doesn’t fit? Get rid of it

I know, I know, tossing things can be tough. But it will be worth it in the end. Think like Marie Kondo…Does this item bring you joy? Yes? Keep. No? Toss. What if it brings you joy but doesn’t fit? Everyone goes through weight fluctuations so if you want to store it for later go for it.

5) Over the door rack for shoes

These save so much space! Especially if you are sharing your closet with your hubby like me. I even let him share my shoe rack (Aren’t I nice?) since I also have shoes in our hall closet.

6) Flip your hangers around, if you don’t wear it within a few weeks it’s safe to take out or store separately for later.

This is a great way to test how often you wear what’s in your closet. Maybe you’re not wearing it because it doesn’t bring you the same joy that some of your other items do.

7) Fold bulky items and store on a shelf or hanging shelves

Sweaters can be a challenge. They clutter your dresser or just don’t fit in the drawers. Hanging racks have tall and deep compartments that are perfect for bulky items like sweaters.

8) Grab an inexpensive drawer cart for flip flops and other sandals

These drawers are great for shoes. Keeps them tucked away and yet easy to find. Plus, the drawers can be easily wiped out. Here’s an extra tip: if you don’t like the way the drawers look you can tape cute paper inside to show through the clear plastic and give it an updated, adorable look.

9) Use shower curtain rings to hang purses

I tried storing my purses on shelves for years and was always frustrated with the bags folding over and getting crumpled in together. Hanging them by rings helps keep their shape and makes them easier to find.

10) Donate items you no longer need

There are tons of great organizations out there taking clothes donations. Planet Aid, Goodwill, Salvation Army, just to name a few. My friends and I like to share our toss bags before we get rid of them. You never know, one person’s toss top is another’s treasure. I’ve inherited some great clothes that my girlfriends were sick of, but to me, it was like having a brand-new outfit for free. Gently used items deserve a second life.

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