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Facebook Watch Party Tutorial

Gather together virtually and create a shared viewing experience with Facebook Watch Parties!

Check out this🚨TUTORIAL🚨on how to create one!

Facebook Watch Party lets you line up videos to watch, comment on, and share in real-time with other people! Here’s how to set up a Facebook Watch Party on desktop:

  1. Make sure the video you want to use for your Watch Party is already on Facebook. Upload it as you normally would with photos/videos if it is not already uploaded.

  2. Under “Create Post”, click the button with the three dots to open more options for creating a post.

3. Under that menu, click “Watch Party”. If this is your first time creating a Watch Party, an introductory menu may pop up. Just press “Ok” to move on.

4. Select the video(s) you’d like to use for your Watch Party. Click “Add to queue” to add a video to your Watch Party. Once you’ve finished selecting the video(s), press “Done”.

5. Once you’ve chosen your videos, write a brief description of your Watch Party and press “Post”.

6. Once you post, you will be taken to the page for your Watch Party. Here, you can invite others to view by typing in their names under “Invite Others”. You can also add comments or reactions to the video, and share it to your Facebook page.

7. To add a co-host to the Watch Party, click “Add Co-host” and select your co-host. This person must be currently at the Watch Party to be a co-host.

8. You can also add a live video of yourself to the Watch Party by pressing the camera icon next to the “Add Co-host” button.

9. Once all queued videos end, you can end the Watch Party by pressing the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the video screen and pressing “End Watch Party”.

Facebook Events and Watch Parties are two fantastic ways to create both virtual and in-person experiences for your friends, guests, or clients. Both are simple ways to organize your event, keep people in the loop, and have a fun, virtual experience!

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