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Why Small Businesses Need Social Media

As a small business owner, you might think that you don’t need social media or you might just not have time for it and want to focus on other areas of marketing and sales. While it might seem like unnecessary bells and whistles, social media is actually really important for small businesses.

Not only does it help you reach new customers, it also brings more legitimacy to your business and gives you another place to market. In this blog, we’re going to talk all about why small businesses need social media and why it is important that it is consistent.

The Power of Search

When you are searching for something online, how frequently do you end up finding what you are looking for via a Facebook or Instagram post or story? Or when you type a business into Google, have you noticed how the first thing is their website but their social media is usually the second or the third link?

Having a social media account helps you leverage the power of search. People can more easily and readily find you and see what your business is all about. The transparency and seeing what you have posted and what you are selling through a social channel builds trust and legitimacy for the customer. They like doing their research and seeing what your business does. Your social media accounts effectively act as a secondary store front for your business. It pushes people to your website and helps you gain leads and customers.

Leveraging Digital Marketing

While having a social media account is a good first step, you need to use it to really see an impact and growth. This means consistent posting, engaging with your followers, going out and engaging with other users on the platform and more. Carefully crafted and thought out social media posting will pay dividends when it comes to reaching new fans, turning current fans into advocates and building your brand.

Reaching New Customers

Social media’s real benefit for small businesses is in its reach and diversity. If you don’t have social media, you are relying on word of mouth and your own boots on the ground hustle. With social media, you magnify that effort and throw it out to all corners of the internet. With the right content and right engagement, you could help your small business grow and get new customers and clients from all over.

Keeps You Creative

One of the positive aspects of social media that doesn’t get enough love is how it can help you be more creative. By following other people and businesses both in and outside of your industry, you will be able to see a slew of different selling techniques and marketing tactics. Seeing all of the content firsthand will help you think critically and creatively about your own content making it better and better each day!

Worried you don’t have time for social media? Are you trying to cram it in between client appointments and order fulfillment? Don’t worry. Promote Creatively is here to help. With free consultations and social media packages that fit every type of budget and business, we can help you get your social media up and running in no time!

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